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Speaking at London Futurists #FutureOfSelfHacking Co-Founder Stuart Calimport Shares His Personal Story - #Mazes #Design #CyberneticsScript Available on SlideShare.

Speaking at London Futurists #FutureOfSelfHacking Co-Founder Stuart Calimport Shares His Personal Story - #Mazes #Design #Cybernetics

Script Available on SlideShare.


Co-Founder Stuart Calimport speaks on ‘Leveraging personal intelligence, health and idea informatics for computational intelligence design’ and shares his personal story, design strategy and design principles.
@ Computational Intelligence Unconference UK 2014, BT Centre, LondonSlideshare: SlideDeck. Script

Co-Founder Stuart Calimport speaks on ‘Leveraging personal intelligence, health and idea informatics for computational intelligence design’ and shares his personal story, design strategy and design principles.

Computational Intelligence Unconference UK 2014, BT Centre, London

Slideshare: SlideDeck. Script


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Spotlight - Aubrey de Grey - Leadership Memes

The Human Memome Project is committed to and a development process that learns from the ideas, lifestyles and user journeys of leaders.

By discovering the ideas and behaviours of leaders and also analysing their thoughts in relationship to their health - we can assess the effect of their ideas on their health, those they lead, and ourselves if we take on those ideas and behaviours.

If you are a high impact individual or thought leader - or know of someone that would like to take part - please share this with them and enrol them in the opportunity of being part of the HMP.

Our first spotlight is on Aubrey de Grey - the renowned gerontologist, TED alumni and author of Ending Aging


Meme Sequencing: 

1) Please list the items that you own that you think are important for health:

Comfortable bed

2) Please list the items that you own that you think are important for your wellbeing

Hot tub
Comfortable bed

3) Please list the activities you do that make you happy


4) Please list the activities you wish you could do more of that would increase the health, wellbeing or the longevity of yourself or others

Less long-distance travel

5) Please list the ideas that you think will help you live as long as you can

Better anti-aging medicine

6) Please list all the thoughts, quotes, saying or mantras that you tell yourself to make yourself feel good, feel confident and allow you to do well

I don’t do that

7) What are your aspirations in life

Become obsolete, retreat into glorious obscurity

8) Please list some of your favourite words and sentences

“Aging is bad for you”

9) Please list the things you do or think that have gotten you somewhere special or allowed you to succeed

Aging is fixable
I can make a difference

10) Please list the experiences you have had or ideas that you have encountered that have completely changed your life for the better

Most people think aging is OK

11) Please list your positive traits and strengths

Mildly inflated opinion of my capabilities

12) Make a list of all the ideas and things that you absolutely think other people should know about that will make their life and the world a better place

Aging is fixable

13) Please describe how you see yourself including your role


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Audio From Quantified Self EU 2013 - Memomics & Meme-Longevity Interactions


Co-founder Stuart Calimport discusses The Human Memome Project at Quantified Self EU 2013 in addition to his personal perspective about the potential of text-data analytics and personal meme logging.

The slide deck can be found here.


The Human Memome Project at SENS6 Reimagine Aging 2013 Conference

The Human Memome Project team presented a poster at SENS6 Reimagine Aging 2013 Conference.  

The research poster focused on engaging the Quantified Self, citizen science and crowdsourcing communities on how their ideas, behaviours and socio-cultural factors affect their lifespan and healthspan. We also presented our data on global health, correlating ideas to longevity predictors and global data on attitudes to long lifespan. We are interested in not only analysis of longevity predictors but communicating with the public, citizen scientists and quantified self community to empower people to ask ‘How is what I am doing or thinking affecting my health and longevity?’

Our motto ‘Which memes increase lifespan?’ is a question our team asks ourselves every day.  We invite you to ask the question and see what you come up with. The ideas we have affect our actions and decisions - this can be seen in the preliminary data where words are differentially correlated with our survey questions to assess longevity predictors.

We value interdisciplinary research that is both scientific and aimed at researchers but is also interesting and useful to the public - each member of the public has more power than a super computer, and we want empower the public for personal and social change as well as perform research. We think that experimentation and science projects should be beautiful, interactive, exciting and relevant  - so that everyone can become an empowered citizen scientist and memetic adventurer.  

Our research showed that a high percentage of participants globally wanted to live as long as possible, although their current health and the quality of future life were important factors that influenced attitudes to long life. We are interested in global attitudes to longevity and what other health and socio-cultural factors affect attitudes to long life. 

The SENS6 conference explored identifying, tracking, repairing, reversing, and preventing age-related damage - to improve healthspan and lifespan. The conference also featured social engagement, political advocacy, demography and health communications for increased healthspan and lifespan. SENS6 was an excellent conference to meet other researchers, startups and individuals interested in longevity.



The Human Memome Project @ Quantified Self Europe 2013

Stuart Calimport, Co-founder of The Human Memome Project spoke about his own personal self-tracking experiments that both led to the creation of The Human Memome project, and are a more extensive version of the meme and health surveys in the current crowdsourcing project ‘1000 Memomes’.

Stuart is interested in engaging researchers and the public to develop a culture of asking ‘What is the relationship between ideas, text-data, behaviours and health, and how can knowledge of this relationship lead to dramatic increases in longevity through self-quantification, self-improvement and innovation?’. He is also interested in showing others his own personal experiments, questions he asks himself, and self-improvement practices so that others can question their limitations, thoughts and behaviours and implement similar practices to increase their health and longevity.

The Quantified Self Europe 2013 conference was an excellent community and platform to discuss self-tracking, citizen science, crowd sourcing and ways we can understand ourselves, our health and others. The Quantified Self website features many self-tracking tools to help with productivity, wellbeing and health. 

The major focus points were:

1) The potential for combining health and text/language data to make informed lifestyle decisions for longevity

2) Discussion of how best to utilise social and health data to make a difference in people’s lives through participation, personal experimentation, tools and services

3) The initial successes of The Human Memome Project including sampling from varied demographics, global participation. and the preliminary analysis of health and text-data showing that word frequencies can be linked to self-health reporting and longevity predictors.

The slide deck for the presentation can be found here









200 Participant Milestone Reached

We now have over 200 participants in The Human Memome Project from 25 countries and 6 continents!

Recording the ideas and health of 1000 people is still our goal - so please do participate and spread the word.

Thanks to the citizen science and self-tracking communities of SciStarter and Quantified Self for helping us to reach that milestone!

The information gained could offer novel insights into the relationship between our ideas, our health, our wellbeing and our longevity.


The Human Memome Project featured on SciStarter

The Human Memome Project is now featured on SciStarter, an excellent citizen science initiative. 

With the emergence of citizen science and Quantified Self we can rethink what science is, what it means to do science, what science gets done, and who can do science. 

We can find new ways of interacting, collaborating and co-creating, and new ways of understanding ourselves, each other and the universe.